Using the cable sizing calculator in the cloud-based Cable Pro Web software, you can manually increase the no. of parallel circuits to reduce the cable size.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1 - Enter all inputs as usual, such as load current, length of run, installation method etc.

Step 2 - After obtaining the results, change the mode of Active size to be 'MANUAL' in the 'Cable size' tab.

Step 3 - Increase the value of No. of circuits.

Step 4 - Select the active cable size from the dropdown to achieve compliance (such as the voltage drop limit).

Note that compliance checks of current-carrying capacity, voltage drop limits, fault loop impedance and short-circuit ratings are still being checked in manual mode. 

In the example below, on the left-hand side is shown the minimum compliant Auto result was a single 50 mm2 cable circuit.  Then on the right-hand side the user has manually selected two circuits of 16 mm2 cable.  Both are compliant solutions.